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Inspired by a love story.  when everything you want in love is there but what is not there is your heart and mind setting. But you just know that this love is just so perfect. That person has everything is charming and just themselves and everything you want is there except for your heart and mind setting. Even though everything is perfect sometimes you have to be honest to your self and sometimes you have to reject that love because it isn’t yours. Your  mind setting is some where else. And it better to not lie about love and play with people feelings so it better to say goodbye before it get to deep. 
this is DADA 6 showing two same class luxury car brand but with different mindset. The Lincoln aviator being an American luxury car brand with different mindset with a British car brand. 

shown is The Lincoln Aviator grand touring 

With 494 horsepower and 630lb pound ft of torque (American Luxury Suv) 

and A Bentley Bentayga  (British luxury car )